This is the history of a man very passionate about his hobbies who wrote a great part of the aquarium history in Argentina.
Víctor Daniel Marchi, known by his second name Daniel, was born in July, 1939 in the Federal Capital of the Argentine Republic. When he was 7 years, back in the year 1946, his aunt María gave her nephew as a present a water-filled glass with a blue Tricho, without knowing that this would be the end of the piano lessons that he took from his other aunt Elvira, who got into her head that her nephew should love music. This fact would be the end of the piano lessons and the awakening of Daniel for his real passion “the aquarium fishes”. A few days later when this enthusiastic young man saw that his first fish was dying, he decided to devote himself to study how to achieve that fishes can live within a fishbowl. At that time there was little knowledge of this subject and few aquariums to get advice, so Daniel was learning most of things from his own experience.
During his adolescence he decided to study at the same time mechanics in the Otto Krause, at this time, Daniel has already internally determined which was and will be his passion of all his life “the aquarium hobby”.  He had then enough experience as an amateur and a few years have passed since he had started to breed fishes in a private way.
More and more his passion grew till he convinced his father Víctor A. Marchi to assemble several pools and trays at the back of his house in Vedia Street. This place would operate in the future as his first contact point with tradesmen of this time.
In the year 1955, Daniel had at the back of his house a mini fish farm of coldwater fishes, at that moment he officially started the commercial activities of Acuario Daniel’S.  It is as from this time that we are telling the amusing and sustained development which was slow but steady.
In this way he began to breed coldwater fishes in large quantities and to sell them to the aquariums that existed at that time. Thus he became a well known coldwater fishes breeder.

The breeding of these was his major pleasure and craziness, a great reason to specialize in them. His studies in the Otto Krause were gradually put aside, Daniel began to totally devoting to his great passion.
His father did not agree with his son’s decision, but as time went the development of Daniel and over all his passion and commitment for the fishes, made him to change his mind. Víctor (his father) supported his son in the opening of the premises for sale to public. After two unsuccessful attempts, they decided to buy a small property in the Le Boulevard Gallery, located at Rivadavia Street of Flores.

So, in the year 1962 Acuario Daniel’S opened its doors officially to the public, “Acuario Daniel’s”. His project became a reality.
By that time he had already met his other great love besides fishes, his girlfriend Elisa Coletta who would become his wife. As from the beginning of the courtship Elisa came to be an important part in this history since she supported and accompanied Daniel at all times , she also developed that passion for fishes and run the business for sale to public and she assisted her husband in the breeding of fishes. Their life was of great sacrifice and effort; they did not stop working not even on Sundays; during family meetings they devoted to take care of fishes that they had not only in the house of Víctor Marchi but also in the house of her parents, Elisa and Carmelo, my maternal grandparents


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